FASTN is the first universal & active anchorage for MEWPs.

For you and for us, safety is a priority. Improving safety and saving lives on the worksite is a major challenge requiring daily attention. The FASTN system allows construction companies to increase MEWP operator safety by detecting secure lanyard attachment. It is the first connected and universal fall prevention system.

✓ Tackle a leading cause of MEWP casualties.
✓ Deliver an audible and visual reminder if the operator is not attached to the FASTN anchorage.
✓ Provide valuable data for safety management.


Harness detection

The operator is immediately alerted by a visual and audible alarm when operating the boomlift while not anchored to FASTN. If the lanyard is not connected within a few seconds, the FASTN active anchorage also alerts the worksite with a flashing light and a louder alarm.


Anti-bypass function

If the operator attempts to bypass FASTN using something other than a harness carabiner, the active anchorage will detect inactivity and activate the wake-up function to alert the operator and the worksite of potential misuse.


Wake up function

When anchored to FASTN, after 1 minute of inactivity, the system will alert the operator and the worksite to potential operator distress.


Potential operator fall or ejection

During operation, if the system detects an abnormal load, FASTN alerts the jobsite to a potential operator fall or ejection.


The active anchorage is universal and can be installed easily on all types of MEWPs.

The system is composed of a “control box” and a “detection box”, wired together and installed in the basket of the boomlift.

The “control box” delivers audible and visual alert reminders like your car reminds you when you don’t fasten your seat belt. It also records all events to provide valuable safety data.

The “detection” box ensures that the operator is safely connected to the MEWP. Pulling on the yellow strap releases a hook for the operator to attach the lanyard carabiner.

The goal is to create the same safe habits as a car driver. You get in the basket, you connect your harness!


LEDs: they remind the operator to connect his harness and alert in case of system default.

Flashing light alerts the worksite that the operator is using the machine while not being safely attached to the basket.

Buzzer protected inside the control box delivers powerful alarm to remind the operator to connect his harness.


USB port: connect a USB key to download the safety data.

Detection box: ultra robust design to ensure the safe anchorage of the operator.



FASTN is easy to use, compatible with all MEWPs, and offers quick and easy installation.

Rental companies:
• Offer a premium safety solution
• Easy deployment within your MEWP fleet
• Provide valuable data to your customers

Construction companies:
• Protect your people
• Support your zero-accident strategy
• Base your safety prevention program on reliable Data



FASTN provides valuable data for building safety KPI reports.

Construction companies are better able to manage on site safety and build appropriate safety prevention campaigns. All the events are recorded by the FASTN control box and help build detailed safety KPI reports.

FASTN in the press

With falls from mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) still the leading cause of accidents, Haulotte is innovating with an active, universal anchorage system. “You climb into the basket of an aerial work platform, you fasten your harness”! FASTN is designed to alert operators when they are using the basket without being strapped in…

Haulotte is releasing its latest safety innovation at APEX, which opens today.
The FASTN device, installed in the basket, requires the operator to attach their harness to it while a MEWP is being used, otherwise an audio and visual reminder will be raised…

Haulotte has launched an ‘active anchorage’ device that can detect if and when a harness lanyard has been attached to the main anchor point on the platform of a boom lift. The system, that Haulotte calls ‘Fastn’ is different to anything
currently on the market, and particularly Nationwide’s (Loxam UK)
recently launched Harness On system…

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